YF-117A at Area 51 (1983) and Edwards AFB (2005)

Article 782 at Area 51 in 1983

In November 1983, during a Change of Command ceremony at the SENIOR TREND Combined Test Force at Groom Lake, the third YF-117A (Article 782) was flown with a special color scheme. The entire underside was painted in an American flag motif. Only a few pictures of this event have been seen by the public. This is one of the original photos of that event. Photo: USAF

Article 782 at Edwards AFB in 2005

After more than 20 years of flight test service, Article 782 was retired following the Edwards Air Force Base Open House and Air Show in October 2005. The airplane had been repainted in the U.S. flag paint scheme and made flight demonstrations at the Air Show.
According to Lt. Col. Robert McAllum, 410th Flight Test Squadron commander, the airplane was repainted by members of the squadron who volunteered to donate their time and materials to the project. The airplane is scheduled to retire to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.
Photos by Peter W. Merlin, with friendly permission.

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