Cypher UAV

Cypher from Sikorsky is operational with the United States Marine Corps. Cypher is the culprit for many UFO sightings. The vehicle is round in shape, just like a disc except that it has its powerplant in the center of the disc. The power is made by a ducted fan system. To go forward, the Cypher like a helicopter dips its nose, to go sideways and backwards, it dips its disc the way it wants to go. The Cypher is very quiet anc can hover on the spot. It was tested even going down mock streets and looking into windows for the enemy. The Cypher has a max. altitude of 8,000ft and a top speed of 80-90 knots.

Image source: Sikorsky

However, the Cypher did not make it, and so Cypher 2 was unleashed and is now in service with the USMC for house-house snooping and short range spotting.

Speed is now 120kts in plane mode and Hover in Helo mode.

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