Possible Sighting of a B-21 Prototype, Oct. 2016

On August 25, 2019 George Knapp had me as a guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show. One of the callers, Jerry, talked about the possible sighting of a B-21 prototype he had in October of 2016. He was kind enough to send us his report and the sketches below of what he saw. Jerry states the aircraft was flying over his house. It was all black and made no noise. "In the sketch at the bottom you see what looks like polka dots under the wing. There were many more and they had a slight white bluish type glow typical of something mixing like plasma. ... I have never seen anything like this before."

Here is Jerry's full report:

In the first part of Oct. 2016 about mid-day I was enjoying the view by my front door when I saw a Black Aircraft heading from the area of Palmdale / Edwards AFB approaching Southern California Logistics Airport (Old George AFB) which I thought was a B1 at the time as they are seen here fairly often, so no big deal. Then the craft turned on a lot of lights as it crossed a bit south of the airport and continued on a straight heading to Apple Valley Airport (which is an unusual flight path for this area) again turning on even more lights, then turned southerly towards Deep Creek and Crestline which put it on a path over my home.

The flight path is from left to right on the map I provided. The lights were turned off as the craft approached the foothills and went to a lower altitude following the terrain (at approx. 500' or so). This altitude was determined by the height of the mountain (Juniper Flats) and the altitude of the craft. Mountain that I can see is about 4400' and home is about 3350'. As the craft approached my home I still could not determine the type of aircraft until it was almost on top of me. It was at that time I became mesmerized by something I had never seen before. It was as depicted in my sketches I provided.

The wing span was determined by the property size as it is 330' wide as is the neighbors, The craft was covering approx. 1/2 of each, thus the 300' wing span estimate.

Captured by the "Polka Dots" in the bottom view I stared at the craft and completely forgot about getting my camera. The craft drifted slowly (60 mph to 80 mph) overhead heading towards Crestline over Deep Creek where I was able to see the top and rear of the craft still following the contour of the terrain. Making a flat left turn it disappeared into the mountains on a north easterly heading. After regaining my composure and being a bit disappointed I had forgot about my camera I went inside and made the Original Sketch.

After calling Coast to Coast I decided to make better illustrations of the craft as I told Joerg when I sent them to him about a month later. All the sketches and map (flight path) were drawn by myself with the exception of some shading which my wife helped out with a bit. That is why her name is on the illustrations also.

To sum up, The aircraft was huge! It made no noise whatsoever. I have never seen vertical stabilizers tilted inward (in particularly at that low angle)except on the SR-71 which is no where near that low of an angle.

And the "polka Dots" of which there were many more than are depicted in the sketch emitted a soft white/ bluish glow from each port or opening. We will all see something along these lines in the future then we will see if what I saw was a Prototype Of our new bomber, the B-21.

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