Area 51 Satellite Image, June 29, 2009

Two new identical radio sites were added at Area 51 in 2008. The site on the left is located on a hill at 3717'40"N/11549'22"W, in direct line with runway 32. The buildings and antennas near the access road have been there for a while. The four towers in the north-east are new. The towers are about 55ft. tall. We discovered that site on June 1, 2008 from Tikaboo Peak. The photo on top, taken that day, shows the site from Tikaboo.

The second, apparently identical, site was added just east of the recently extended Hangar-19. Again, the photo on top shows the site from the side, taken from Tikaboo Peak. We currently have no further information on the purpose of these sites.

The resolution of the above satellite image clips has been digitally enhanced to 0.25 meter.

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