Gene Huff reviews The Bob Lazar Corner

Well, the reviews of The Bob Lazar Corner are in! And who is the reviewer? None other than the combined Siskel and Ebert of all things Lazar, the big man Gene Huff himself!

So is it fingers up or fingers down (the middle one of course)?? Well, Gene just raved about The Bob Lazar Corner, and the web site in general. You have no idea how pleased I am that my humble efforts evoked such an emotional response from Gene.

Here are some excerpts of what he had to say about The Lazar Corner:

"You always...augment... your slant on the Lazar story...suggesting you're neutral."

"...I'm... respecting you..."

"...your efforts....most prized..."

"...people will see...that Bob Lazar would rather be known as a liar and cheat..."

"...honesty and courage.."

"...the true you. Honest,...intelligent,...hip..."

"You're a scream..."

Well there you have it, The Bob Lazar Corner is a hit!!! Thank you members of the academy. For those of you that wish to plow though Gene's entire review, (not at all, necessary....just trust me!), click here.

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