The Guard Shack on Groom Lake Road

This camera tower was set up on a hill 0.2 miles south-east of the Groom Lake Road guard shack between June 2005 and October 2006. The remote controlled camera at the top has a clear view of the hills surrounding the Guard Shack, including the former Area 51 view spot Freedom Ridge. It also covers parts of Groom Lake Road, from a couple of miles outside the perimeter all the way back to Hwy 375. To the other side, the camera also has a clear view of parts of Groom Lake and Area 51. Still, the tower is only visible from a few locations on public land and was not "discovered" until late September 2007.

The camera is approximately 43ft. above ground, with a tube diameter of 7". The actual camera is mounted inside the outer tube. The red light on top, which can be seen from Hwy 375 at night, is 46ft. above ground. The object below the light is a lightning protector on the right. The box below the camera contains the electronics. There are no antennas or dishes, so the signal most likely goes to the Guard Shack. This photo was taken in October 2007 from Hawkeye Hill. The remote controlled camera is pointed straight at us.

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