Area 51 Helicopter Operations in the 1960's

These photos were taken at Area 51 during Project Oxcart in the 1960's. With friendly permission by Roadrunners Internationale and TD Barnes. Click photos to enlarge.

Testing Conex box flight stability at Area 51 prior to placing it on Bald Mountain. In the background, Hangar 8, the P.E. Building and Fire Station #2.

H-43B carrying all needed equipment, material and personnel to the top of Bald Mountain during construction of the original antenna structure. To this day the site can only be serviced by helicopter
View SSW over the northern Emigrant Valley with the top of Bald Mountain in the foreground

UH-1F construction project of the original radio site on Papoose Mountain. Photo facing NE, with Bald Mountain in the background. A part of Groom Lake is visible, with the long northern overrun of the original runway 14.
U-3B and C-210 support aircraft on the ramp in front on Hangar 8. Photo facing SW, with Papoose Mountain in the background

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