Surveillance Towers near the Groom Lake Road Guard Shack

Between June 2005 and October 2006 a new camera tower was set up on a hill 0.2 miles south-east of the Groom Lake Road guard shack. The coordinates are 3720.645'N / 11539.425'W. The tower is only visible from a few locations on public land and was not discovered until late September 2007.

The remote controlled camera at the top has a clear view of the hills surrounding the Guard Shack including the former Area 51 view spot Freedom Ridge. It also covers parts of Groom Lake Road from a couple of miles outside the perimeter all the way back to Hwy 375. To the other side the camera also has a clear view of parts of Groom Lake and Area 51.

The camera on top of the tower is approximately 43ft. above ground, with a tube diameter of 7". The actual camera is mounted inside the outer tube. In our 2007 photo a red light is mounted to the pole at the top of the tower, 46ft. above ground. It can be seen from parts of Hwy 375 at night. In the 2020 photo the light has been removed. It was replaced in the July 2021 photo. The object below the light pole on the right of the original tower is a lightning protector.

A second tower with a small service building was constructed next to the original tower likely in early 2020. Due to its location and antenna configuration (see below) it is likely part of a new microwave intrusion detection system. A similar tower was constructed in late 2021 about a mile inside the Back Gate. The tower probably also serves as a high-speed data relay from Mount Irish to the guard shack and to mobile units in the area.

The July 2021 photo was taken while antennas were being installed on the new tower. A microwave antenna is already installed halfway up the tower. It points roughly in the direction of the Mount Irish communications relay site.

Our October 2021 photo shows that two more microwave antennas were installed near the upper outlet of the cable conduit. They look similar in design to other known 90 degree microwave intrusion sensors. There is also a new omni-directional microwave antenna at the top of the tower, near the red light. It probably provides high speed data to mobile units in the area.

This super high-resolution photo was taken on October 30, 2021. It shows more new microwave antennas mounted to the tower above the microwave antenna, near the top of the conduit on the left side of the tower. The new additions, at least one of them, appear to be designed to cover a 90 degree area. We suspect that these antennas are part of a new microwave intrusion detection system. One antenna covers the hills around the Groom Lake Road gate and the other the area around the former Freedom Ridge view spot.
The panel about half way up the tower likely ties into the data relay on Mt. Irish, possibly providing high speed data to the Guard Shack. The new omni directional antenna at the top of the tower may be a high speed data relay to mobile security ground units in the area. This high-resolution photo was taken by a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous.

This super high-resolution photo taken in the early morning of July 23, 2021 shows a new cable conduit running up the left side of the new tower and a sort of microwave dish mounted halfway up the tower. A new twin light was added at the top of the new tower as well. This high-resolution photo was taken by a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous.

In this May 8, 2020 photo the second tower is still under construction. No cameras or antennas have been mounted to it yet. A couple of cable drums on the right indicate that new cables from the nearby guard shack are just being run to the new tower and/or to the equally new utility building.

This photo was taken on October 9, 2007 from Hawkeye Hill just south of the GL Rd. gate. It is the first published photo of the newly constructed tower. The remote controlled camera is pointed straight at us.

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