Hi-Res Aerial Panorama of Area 51, November 14, 2020

This aerial panorama of Area 51 was taken from a location near Groom Lake Road flying just outside of the restricted Area 51 air space. It is one of the best Area 51 panoramas ever published. It shows the massive scoot-and-hide shelters on the east and west side of Hangars 20-23 are complete. Notice that the side facing public land and Tikaboo Peak is partially closed while the side facing Papoose Mountain and the restricted area is mostly open. A clear sign that the shelter is more a view screen than a sun shelter.

The panorama also shows that the large building just south (to the left in the panorama) of the new dining hall appears complete. Our July 2020 panorama just showed beginning construction of that building. It appears similar in style to the dining hall and is clearly part of the new administrative complex that has gradually moved here from a location further north. It may be a new "Consolidated Services Facility". Removing the L-shaped building that originally housed those offices would open real estate near the taxi way for new hangar construction.

The "2009 Hangar", building #62 in our Area 51 Building Map appears to be completely gone. Our July panorama shows the building being demolished.

The photos for this panorama were taken on Saturday, Nov 14, 2020. Click image to enlarge.

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