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"Janet" is the call sign for the flights that shuttle workers back and forth between Area 51, TTR and Las Vegas. Each weekday about 20 flights in each direction transport between 1000 and over 1500 workers from Las Vegas to their jobs at Area 51 and at the Tonopah Test Range. The first Janet plane lands at Groom at 4:35am. Its bright landing lights when landing at Area 51 have often been mistaken for a UFO. Based on our observations and other information, we have compiled a fairly complete Janet Flight Schedule.

The Janet airline is operated by EG&G, a private contractor firm. They operate a fleet of six Boeing 737-600's, painted all white, with no airline name or logo, but only a red stripe along the sides. The planes are registered to the "Department Of The Air Force" in Layton, UT. Click here for a list of all Janet planes, with tail numbers, serial number and more.

The Janet terminal is located in a fenced-off area in the northwest corner of Las Vegas McCarran Airport. For more information and some photos of the terminal click here.

The Janet terminal is also used by five smaller Beechcraft King Air turboprops, which are parked along the side of the ramp. They are often referred to as Janets as well, but there is evidence that the Beech'es are operated by JT3, not EG&G. JT3 is one of the main range support contractors for the AFFTC (Air Force Flight Test Center) and the NTTR (Nevada Test and Training Range), co-founded by EG&G Technical Services and Raytheon Technical Services. In addition to Area 51 and TTR, the Beech jets make regular flights to Palmdale, Edwards North Base, China Lake, Pt. Mugu and other locations. The Beech'es do not use the callsign "Janet", but mostly their registration (e.g. "N623RA" often abbreviated "3 Romeo Alpha").

For a list of frequencies used at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, TTR and Dreamland (Area 51) please see our page with Area 51 Scanner Frequencies. Or listen online to some Audio Clips of Janet Radio Traffic.

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This map of Las Vegas McCarran Airport clearly shows the Janet terminal (highlighted in the photo) as "DOE Facility (EG&G)". The map is located at the airport viewing area on Sunset, just inside the airport fence. Photo taken in January 2006.

This Janet has just landed in Las Vegas coming from Groom Lake. It brings home workers from their job at Area 51. The tail number is clearly visible: "N5294E". It is also clearly visible that contrary to some rumors the windows are not "blacked out".

As soon as the Janet arrives at the terminal the workers get out. They all look very casual, no suits or uniforms. After passing through a gate they get in their vehicles and drive off.

The same plane, taking off again with a different call sign to bring home more workers from Area 51. The call sign changes each time the plane leaves from Las Vegas. However, it stays the same for the round trip out to Groom (or TTR) and back.

A rare look inside a parked Janet.

Three of the smaller executive aircraft that are based at the Janet terminal. The two larger twin turbprop on the left are Beechcraft 1900 Exec-liner ("N20RA" and "N27RA"). The smaller twin turboprop on the right is a Beechcraft King Air 200, military designation C-12 ("N661BA"). Its twins, "N662BA" and "N654BA", are missing in this photo.

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