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Message posted by Stuck4ger on September 15, 2017 at 20:38:51 PST:

Like so many of Brian Shul's SR-71 stories, it's too amazing to be true. It goes beyond just being a heck of a coincidence that a Cessna would ask for a ground speed readout while an F-18 and an SR-71 were up the same freq. Although some military aircraft may use VHF freqs when talking to ATC, there is zero chance that the military aircraft would be flying in the high altitude sectors and be talking on the [Cessna] low altitude VHF sector frequencies. I find this story as phantasmagoric as Shul's "throttling back to Mach 3.5 over Libya" story. It seems that all the rest of the USAF Blackbird pilots don't bother waving the B.S. flag over Shul's tall tales, they just boycott buying his books.

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