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Message posted by NVBOB on May 16, 2014 at 15:09:04 PST:

On several occasions when I lived in the area of TTR, I heard a callsign different from the flight of the other F-117s. If anyone had ever monitored them, you would know that the flights used the same callsign but the changed everyday or by the time of day. For instance one day they used WAGON, so it was WAGON 61, 62, 63, and so on. They were also spaced by the minute so maybe one day it was 6 minutes, the next day (new callsign) might be 12 minutes. Anyhow, on a couple of occasions during the flight I heard THUNDER 71. Late one night as they were coming onto Nellis Control going to Joshua, the lead had what almost sounded like an argument with the controller when the controller asked about THUNDER 71. The 117 said there is no THUNDER 71 with us. The controller said on the plan I show 71, to which he replied there is no 71 with us, I filed the plan. Always wondered about that because I heard that callsign a few times in the mix which was not the norm.

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