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Glenn didn't own the land the A51RC (yellow trailer in your link) was on. It was part of a trailer park that Fay Day (founder of Rachel) owned, she sold to some guy in California who has recently bought ALOT more land in Rachel. Back then Glenn paid $100 a month rent. When the new owner took it he soon told everyone to get off the property as he planned on opening a KOA type campground. The person who bought it from Glenn had 90 days to move that big trailer. The campground never came to be, the only thing that remains of the A51RC is some old dead trees and a walkway, Glenn recently visited Rachel and took pics he put on his FB. I believe the trailer is still in Rachel although because it is not yellow I can't tell which one it is (Joerg knows). The time between Glenn shutting it down and it being kicked off the property someone lived in it and sold candles but that wasn't very long, maybe a year or less I believe.

The old A51 business of Glenn's and the new Alien RC in Crystal Springs/Hiko are not related at all. The owner told me when he first opened the Alien RC that he didn't want to open it in Rachel to compete with the Little A'Le Inn and upset anyone, that's why he decided to open it in Crystal Springs/Hiko. The metal shipping container next to the main building is just storage I believe.

Glenn's A51RC sold some neat things and some touristy stuff but the Alien RC only sells really cheesy stuff ie...Star Wars stuff, Star Trek and other assorted alien trinkets.

When I was considering buying the yellow trailer and keeping it open Don Emory (the guy who ran it for Glenn) told me to forget it. He said it made about $10-$25 a day and wasn't worth it. I was wanting to keep it open just for fun, kind of a pet project.

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