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Thanks for the explanations,

No doubt when he worked at McCarren Airport, that would have been an ideal job for him in relation to his association with Area 51 and his Alien Research Centre.

I would suspect that he would be able to get at least temporary employment at McCarren if he wanted it..As usually Airports take on extra temp staff in peak periods. OR I am sure he could find work at other airports around the USA..or other countries.

No doubt if one has an adventurous spirit, it would be good to find some ways to bring in an income to help fund ones travel expenses etc...I used to wish that I could make a living online and travel the world and photograph places..But I am getting older and less fit now and maybe my desire is less than it was...

Although one may have freedom of many of the restraints most settled people may have, without money one cannot have as many choices to enjoy the fruits of the good life..I suspect that Glenn has ways and means to find ways to make money on his travels as well as save money with his experiences that he describes in his blogs.

I just started reading one of his blogs and yes it seems very good information and advice from what I have read so far...How to survive and save money when traveling..and to find effective cheap ways to sleep at night without hotels.

Maybe if I read it, I may consider doing some low cost travel next time I want to go on Holiday...

I am sorry if the Alien Research centre closed..
I am sure when I passed it last year..that it had a sign saying that it was open on certain days of the week ! I wonder if he Has he sold it to someone else ?

There was a half domed building that had the large Alien figure...and what I think was Glenns place in what looked like a converted metal box container trailer..

Were they separate businesses ?

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