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Message posted by astra7 on May 03, 2012 at 19:42:47 PST:

Ref to Glenn and shopping carts at Walmarts...

I just did a google search and found some blogs that are connected with his name...

And I am somewhat surprised in what I found.

No doubt Glenn had been involved in a big involvement
in his research into Area 51..and he did run his Area 51 Research centre...which was still around the last two years when I passed it on my Visits to the area.

I do recall seeing his blogs some time before...BUT I
don't think that I thought at the time that it involved himself.... did not realise that he is or appears to be actually now homeless.

This does seem somewhat disturbing that a man of his presence / background has fallen on such hard times.
I am sorry to see it if this has happened to him.

I assume that he no longer is able to run the Alien Research centre or that there is no longer the same interest in it from the public...

As Greatguss comments he deserves some respect and I hope that he is able to change his life for the better..Unless he really does prefer being Free from all of what is seen as Normal Lifes restrictions.

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