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Message posted by greatguess on April 29, 2012 at 7:07:58 PST:

Demonstrate might be slightly to casual a term in this case. I am thinking more of modifying a couple of them to not only show the concept works but actually have them available for use in special, limited situations. One of those unique uses might be against Iran's nuclear assets. One B2 makes a whole lot bigger hole (or holes) than a fighter carrying it's largest weapon. Some of the bunker busters cannot be carried into combat by anything but a buff, b-1b, or b2. If the conflict were to expand into something bigger you just roll out the rest of the b2 fleet; after a while you could probably also use b1b's and buffs.

I don't think that scaling up an existing UAV design to be a bomber would give you a very efficient bombing platform. Airplanes are built with specific characteristics to achieve their mission and only a "tiny bomber UAV" could efficiently be scaled up to be a B2 surragate; there are no "tiny bomber UAV"'s that i know of.

On the comment that my idea is "utterly ridiculous" i will simply point out that after working for the Air Force for over 30 years in flight test (black, white, and grey) that nothing is "utterly ridiculous"; many of the things i have seen were dumber than dirt but were pursued for reasons that made no sense to me at the time. Nothing would suprise me especially in times of tight money where you might have to physically prove a concept before getting approval to proceed on a larger scale.

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