Re: Which is stealthier? F/A-22A v. F-117

Message posted by BoomerFrom47 on March 18, 2012 at 9:17:38 PST:

There really is no comparison in bomb delivery between the two. The F-117 uses an optical or IR video where the pilot aims it at the proper point. He then turns on the laser target illuminator and drops a laser guided bomb. This gives it pinpoint accuracy with very little preplanned target data. A pilot can be told to just aim at the elevator shaft or air vent or a certain window. He needs information to find the right building visually and works visually from there.

The F-22 has none of that. The pilot drops a GPS guided bomb. This requires someone to give him exact GPS lat/long and elevation of the aim point. It can't just be somewhat close. Getting that data quickly is very, very difficult without someone on the ground near the target. Given time, it may be possible to get imagery of the target from an overhead source, but that requires scheduling it and processing it. The F-22 simply can't get the accuracy of a laser guided weapon.

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