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Hi Chris,

I know that Bob Lazar was responsible
For getting interested in Area 51, and finding
This website as I don't doubt it will be the same
With many visitors who have also.
The conclusion afterwards became a disappointment
After studying the evidence, or it has been so far!

For me it has been a fasenating story and still
Holds some unanswered questions.

I am still a bit surprised that you don't get mote
Comments on it from newbies, although often these days
It. Seems to be a undiscussed or dismissed topic
To many of the older members.

Those photos are impressive. Is it just me or do
Those photos of papoose lake s4 show some
Of the best detail of the terrain where the
So called hidden base hangers are surposed to be.
It seems more rugged higher steeper terrain than other images
That I have seen before close to the top end
Of the lake bed... So much so that just maybe
Something could be hidden and be harder to
Detect than I first thought.

I have read of group of people who
Claim they walked into papoose when
Protesting against nuclear testing...some years ago.
They said they couldn't see anything when
They passed.

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