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I did notice the RB-57.

If you view all the movies, you can see why some government organizations don't like For instance, one of the movies says that just 4 months after Gary Powers' U2 was shot down, the US had a recon satellite in orbit. However, another movie metions that there were previously 12 failures, omitted in later movies. The movie done pre-9/11 talks about using satellite recon so we will never be caught off guard. The post 9/11 movie omits that section.

Regarding Corona, one of the James Bamford NSA books mentions NRO film being dispersed in the Pocono Mountains of Pa. I'm guessing it was due to a plane crash as I don't remember the circumstances. I do recall that they had Pa. State Troopers secure the scene. It would be entertaining to see what lie they puts in the newspaper for the event. is good for digging up old versions of websites (assuming they are not blocked by robots.txt. I've used it on UFOmind, Nellis, etc. But most important, has a massive collection of Grateful Dead recordings.

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