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Message posted by lone wolf on February 20, 2005 at 20:24:31 PST:

The trouble with Hollywood Blvd is you can't get there from here. IIRC, Hollywood Blvd is that dinky road you take from I15 past the Speedway entrance,then a few junkyards, then it intersects LVB where you can watch Nellis. Hollywood Blvd is also on the back side of the base and it has a view spot, but the roads are not connected. Maybe in the dark ages they were one road, but the base cut the road into two. So you need to know which Hollywood Blvd we are talking about. When I mentioned the gate at Hollywood Blvd, that is at the back of the base. The construction Hank mentioned is news to me, but I haven't been to that view spot since November. {I photographed the T-birds from back there. Me and half of Vegas.) Here is the Hollywood Blvd view spot at the back of the base
N36.21817 W115.02508

For the front of the base, I just park on LV Blvd and photograph over the fence. Since I shoot film, I don't photograph all those common aircraft. [How many F15 or A10 photos with landing gear showing do you want?] I've caught two of the Remote Sensing aircraft. I'll photograph any awacs or jammer, stuff you will never see in the ranges. Also foreign stuff (Mirage, Tornado). To photograph from LVB, you need afternoon landings.

I don't think you can photograph at Nellis and in the ranges unless you have a really really fast car. Coyote Summit is shown on this website someplace. That is a good starting point. Waypoint is
N37.57113 W115.67070

You need to read the notams to judge when the planes will arrive at Rachel. It should be at least an hour from the time they start to leave Nellis. Just monitor Roulette on your scanner to determine when the planes approaching.

I just watch the T-birds at Indian Springs from the prison, just like Hank described. Scanning the T-birds during practice is a bit different than an airshow. They have conversations like "Well, what did you think about that, boss?" Again, you need to check the notams to tell when the T-birds are "playing", though when they are not you may see Predator training.

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