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Message posted by lone wolf on February 13, 2005 at 8:35:34 PST:

George Knapp broke (or bought as the case may be) the Bob Lazar story, but Art Bell has Lazar on periodically as a guest. Living in Pahrump, he isn't all that far away from the operation near Groom Lake. If the operation near Groom Lake does any general purpose monitoring from a mountain top position (and I suspect they snoop on FRS, ham, maybe cell phones), they could easily listen to KNYE, Art Bell's radio station. Lastly, the Bell Residence is on the Nellis Test and Training map, and I suspect they (Art and Ramona) get the occasional fly over, especially on military flights to China Lake from the northern parts of the ranges.

From the times Art Bell has talked about the border of the operation near Groom Lake, I suspect he hasn't driven to any of the border points, or his memory is a bit faulty.

It is possible Art is more familiar with the Nevada Test Site than the operation near Groom Lake. Pahrump supposedly has a bus to take workers to the NTS.

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